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Builders Risk

Got a construction project? Protect yourself from any mishaps with a builder's risk policy.

What Is A Builders Risk Policy?

Builders Risk Insurance is like a safety net for your construction project. It's the guardian angel that shields your work in progress from unforeseen disasters. Whether it's fire, theft, vandalism, or even a sudden gust of wind playing Jenga with your scaffolding, this insurance has got your back.

A construction worker drilling a hole in the ceiling of an unfinished house

What Does Builder's Risk Cover?

The exact coverages and limitations can vary based on the provider, however builders risk typically cover risks such as:

  • Theft                                            

  • Fire/Arson                                    

  • Wind/Hail damage

  • Collapse 

  • Property damage

  • Water backup

  • Vandalism

  • & More...

Who Needs Builders Risk?

Now, you might be wondering, "Is this insurance only for the big players in the construction game?" Absolutely not! Builders Risk Insurance is for everyone wielding a hammer and donning a tool belt. Whether you're a seasoned contractor, a house flipper, a retail company or a homeowner overseeing your dream project, this insurance is your construction sidekick.

How Much Does A Builders Risk Policy Cost?

Alright, let's talk money. What makes the cost of Builders Risk Insurance go up or down? It's like a construction budget puzzle, and here are the pieces:

1. Project Value: The higher the value of your project, the more you might pay. As the value of the project increases, so does the cost of the risk the carrier might potentially take on.

2. Location, Location, Location: If your construction site is in an area prone to natural disasters, the cost might nudge upwards. 

3. Project Duration: The longer your project takes, the more you might pay.

4. Construction Materials: Fancy materials? That might affect the cost. It's like upgrading from standard to deluxe - the price tag adjusts accordingly.

5. Security Measures: Installing security measures like cameras and alarms can actually bring the cost down. Insurance carriers love low risk, so the more safety measures you can take on your part the better!

Let The DDA help you ensure your construction! Call us at 404-947-5010 or get the ball rolling yourself by clicking the link below.

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